10 Commits (master)

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  Shawn Anastasio dfeeb1a894 Remove dead code from 0e0a9364 1 year ago
  Shawn Anastasio fafc4d6e54 New experimental fan curve 1 year ago
  Shawn Anastasio 0e0a9364d6 Add debouncing logic to fan curve selection 1 year ago
  Shawn Anastasio 1f50027b8f Increase poll delay to reduce CPU usage 2 years ago
  Shawn Anastasio 6cd7a844da Disable automatic fan control on sensor failure 2 years ago
  dullfire 2e8149c1d8 Add in the blackbird with about the same config as the Talos II 2 years ago
  dullfire 00e2ce5517 Fix up include path in cflags 2 years ago
  Shawn Anastasio 85573a6e81 Talos: Fix swapped PWM outputs for CPU0 and CPU1 2 years ago
  Shawn Anastasio fc9ad81ddc Don't publish any headers in Makefile.am 2 years ago
  Shawn Anastasio 0921f6fe3a Initial commit 2 years ago