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personal vim config ported to neovim w/ vim-plug

Updated 4 months ago

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Updated 4 months ago

C hosted ext2 driver. Will eventually be ported to shawnos

Updated 6 months ago

Mirror of libkvmchan -

Updated 7 months ago

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personal vim config

Updated 11 months ago

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Mirror of youtube-dl project

Updated 1 year ago

A simple fan daemon for OpenPOWER systems

Updated 1 year ago

!BMC external buildroot tree. For building minimal Raptorcs Blackbird/Talos II bmc images.

Updated 2 years ago

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clone of dormito's buildroot w/ Talos II support

Updated 2 years ago

Bare minmum to configure and release the Power9's SBE.

Updated 2 years ago

talos op-build XML defs (aggressive)

Updated 3 years ago

GNU Multiboot Reference Implementation

Updated 4 years ago