32 Commits (raw-first-pass)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jonathan Currier c9991e3105 Update bangBMC package URLs to have a configurable host/base. 1 year ago
  Jonathan Currier d5dbb42f4d bangBMC/init only mount the jffs2 rwfs is explicitly asked to do so on the cli. 1 year ago
  Shawn Anastasio 92916ccd8e Restore talos.its file 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 55510af747 Update docs/manual/about.md to describe the new partition layout 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 2cfd8a15e6 Add some real documentation 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 2217156eae Drop more uneeded kernel features. 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 23ce9c2ac9 Add update-shell and update framework. 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 80381ec34f Update the Talos II to have correct !BMC partition layout 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier f88ed0a95b Update REAME with recommended buildroot version 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier f6fd9c1120 Add udev rule to create /dev/block/mtd/${ATTRS{name}} mtdblock symlinks. 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier f5501c310d Setup persistent image. 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier fc0fbb5dc3 hiomapd: the hiomapd repo has been cleaned up a bit, and refactored. 2 years ago
  Shawn Anastasio 2dd4fba6d8 Allow atx-gpio to control chassis/front panel GPIO 2 years ago
  Shawn Anastasio 4045cd3181 Enable support for Talos II systems 2 years ago
  dullfire 00bc5164a5 Kernel size reductions. 2 years ago
  dullfire 71530147b3 Stripping busybox of cmds that look unlikely to be usefull. This may make some corner case usages a little less convient for humans (maybe) But the hope is the size reduction will improve boot times (since the arm core is so slow). 2 years ago
  dullfire 420c17d82d Import !BMC build data. 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 2ab04d5a9c git should ignore editor swap files 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 990ab41fda Update power-button-gpio to understand soft vs hard offs 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 588c9b6521 Fix incorrect markdown formatting 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 99f9ddd36d Update readme to indicate requirement of u-boot tools 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 85b551d93b atx-gpio: Use an updated atx-gpio capable of expositing what it's current power state is 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 0495737fe6 atx-gpio: update to allow host to survive bmc reboot 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 56c5918590 Update the fan daemon to handle cases where the OCC's go offline 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 8a9540f2aa The fan daemon zone map for the blackbird was incorrect, update to the corrected one 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 5e96b9dab8 Add support for fan control 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 6584de3485 update IPL mon to be able to run an ipl-comlete script 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 48b8d8cb4b Use awordnot's changes to fsi-host-sbe to allow Talos II IPL-ing 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier de20b82047 update ipmi-bt-miniroute. 2 years ago
  Jonathan Currier 0d624ceb86 ipmi-bt-miniroute was pulling a header no longer provided 2 years ago
  dullfire d1ca1109b1 initial add of most pkgs 2 years ago
  dormito 2696fce58f Initial commit 2 years ago